Snow day~~Baking day:)

Today started out as a 2 hour delay and eased into a full-blown snow day. Now when I worked at an elementary school I was very thankful for snow days, but now that I am at home again I don’t enjoy them quite as much. I was trying to clean and bake with three teenagers lying around and driving me nuts. I don’t where exactly I went wrong but somewhere along the lines I lost control of my children. My dad used to tell me you must have control…well dad I’ve lost it…the inmates are running the asylum:)

I am happy to say I have a productive day in the kitchen. I made a few dozen chocolate chip cookies and a few dozen snickerdoodles. I asked my husband to see what his guys wanted and they all said snickerdoodles and so snickerdoodles is what they are getting. I gotta take care of the soldiers because they sure take care of us! Before I made my cookies I got four loaves of artisan bread going. Today I made: Chive & Onion, Garlic Cheddar, Italian, and Cinnamon Sugar. After the cookies were done and while the bread was proofing I set about making dinner, tonight it was chicken-n-dumplings. I figured I was on a roll and in the mood so why not. Sadly my oldest ate so many cookies he skipped dinner but the rest of us enjoyed it very  much. I put french herbs in my “gravy” this time and they were quite tasty. I’ll post all my recipes tomorrow.  My sister spent the day giving me a lecture on writing my recipes down or at least getting them on tape. I guess that’s the part of baking I really do not enjoy. When I bake I get in the zone and I don’t want anything to interrupt me. Stopping to write it all down step by step seems so aggravating to me. I like to think I’m on an old school cook, a dash of this, a pinch of that…lol. I think cooking/baking for me is very calming and it takes me back to summers in the kitchen with my grandmother.

Summers spent chasing light bugs, eating crabs on the porch, sitting in lawn chairs and just talking. My other grandmother used to take me shopping and she let me work in the drug store diner with her. OMGoodness was that fun!! I got to make myself little treats too:) I am so very thankful for all of the wonderful memories my grandparents gave me. I don’t know if they realize just what an important role they played in making me the person I am today. I couldn’t have asked for more love or encouragement, from the bottom of my heart I Thank You and I Love You: Gilbert Lowery & Rudy Lowery, Mickey Iseman & Margaret Iseman.

Good Night

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