Day 2: Still not quite sure what I’m doing~

A little background about me…My name is Jamie Simon, I a military spouse and proud mom to three wonderful teenagers. I enjoy baking, cleaning, gardening, knitting, and taking long Sunday drives with my family. When I’m not being mom to the human kiddos I also play mom to Bailey an English Mastiff, George William a fluffy white Shihpoo, and CoCo a Yorkie mix. I am also grandmom to Oliver the tortoise and Bentley the guinea pig:)

I think one of my greatest pleasures in life is making a delicious meal or dessert for my family. I very much enjoy watching people eat and like what I create. My biggest issue is that I am horrible at writing things down and recipes for me are a distraction. I like to find them online or in vintage cookbooks and then tweak them, I just forget to write down how I tweaked them…lol. My sister has begged me for years to just take the time to sit and write all my recipes out, so far that hasn’t happened. My husband took it upon himself to make this blog for me so I’m being forced to finally put it all down on “paper” so to speak:) I hope you’ll join me on my quest to share two of my greatest passions: cooking/baking.

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